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The Essence 2016


released November 23, 2015

Pedro - Bass
Scott - Drums
Ben - Guitar
Oli - Vocals

Recorded @ Stuck On A Name Studios with Ian Boult.

Typography by Harry Conway

Photography by Niall O'Reilly and Adam Malik



all rights reserved


Frame of Mind London, UK

The New Wave...


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Track Name: The Shell
Is your mind. Still stuck in the repeated cycle.
In which there's no escape no release.
Creating another scenario where you don't feel.

Now I see where you come from, I see where you ache and I understand why you feel hurt.

Your actions are what manifested in my mind and you realise that they're sick. Yet you still helped yourself.

Now I see where you come form, I see where you ache and we understand you made your mistake.

That feeling of emptiness? I feel it too.
Because of what you've done. I've been left with no one...

(But) the men. Who decided to burn. The book of life , to become the shell.
Track Name: Imaginator
The stealer of culture, wreckers of normality.
The non conformist, the false deity.
The tools to guide us to hysteria.

What can I do?
What have they done?
And how can I destroy their creation?!

Cuz' I feel...
That It's all been made up.
By voices I don't wanna hear, the voices that speak are supposedly the ones of my peers but I don't understand.

What makes them hate...
What makes me believe...
What makes them create a image of fiction.
To control the nation.

To block out these voices is a task in itself.
They grow so loud, I feel it'll affect my health.
Who will help?

What can be done?
To save the nation?
From the grip of its creative imaginatior.
Fictions burn my mind, and imprints its image of a lie.

How can I destroy.
How can I define.
Is there truth in the lie? .
Track Name: Power Struggle
Once again I'm still asking the same question.
Have we become so mad with our power?

When we manipulate and change.
The world around us.
Where our actions have the effects.
That'll leave a barren land.
Then how will we exist?
If our species ends.

When we will understand?

But we all know the answer to the question.
And we know the final words will be "the end"

As we manipulate and change,
The world around us.
To a point where there will be nothing more
What will remain will be dust.
In a matter of time due to our obsession with resource

Have we. Have we. Have we gone mad?

Can we destroy our selfishness instead of ourselves.
Can we revert the catastrophe.
That is waiting for us.
Track Name: Reform
What stops us.
From reaching out.
To empathise. With another.
What barriers are in place?
And who holds the tool of destruction?

That'll break the bond that disjoints.
To bring a cohesion of mind.

If we are honest and open. Surely there's a resolve.
And if not I could only wish for discussion to bring the change.

Can the link, reform?.
Can we build the foundations again?
I believe.

There more to our connection than this.
There's more between you and I.