Weight Of Two

by Frame of Mind

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released January 16, 2017

Recorded with Misha Hering @ Holy Mountain Studios in July 2016.



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Frame of Mind London, UK

The New Wave...


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Track Name: Weight of Two
It feels like another conscious has been placed on to me.
The emotion it drags, and it grasps, and it feels like
I've become a new entity.

I hear and I feel the worry that you have
and why have I been left with the burden?

At every given opportunity
I get hurt and I get strung up on the words
They affect you, as they affect me.
In ways that you don't see

I wish I could say,
Wish i had the strength to say.. STOP
I can't deal with the weight of two
No longer can I
(but) I'll still feel and I still hear
Track Name: The Pain
The struggle to see between
the idea of what is and what was
and somehow what i need
understanding the value, was misunderstood.

As i consume, inside i knew, that i obeyed
to the feed.

The confusion that ensured because i did and didn't know..
How one side favoured when i saw what pain i caused.

Ingrained in the mind
flowing in the river of blood
inside the body
is the essence of life.

We must sacrifice their pain
Track Name: Surface
Surrounded in the facade of their conformity
Talk of being one, wanting a sense of community.
How can this function when you act as none
Haven't we seen this ourselves as I know the stories of many
That have gone against what I believe.

Yet what have I said.

I'm fascinated with the beings
that try to deny my ebb and flow.
They fail to show this to me by refusing to be
Track Name: We Need... (Less Ignorance)
The pact has been formed and I want my part because I see equal but they clearly don't.
The objectification.

Present from the start, absent from the current and unseen at the end.
Minority, Minority

Yet I hope they find some true meaning in their life
Will you hate me for me, or reflect your hate inside to out.

No more ignorance
I and I don't need the hate.
On the colours we see.
We need the frame of mind.